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Plastic Head Thumb Screws

Plastic head thumb screws have a nylon head and a stainless steel or alloy steel body that is either fully or partially threaded. ?Metal thumb screws are manufactured with different head styles including round heads that are flat and have a textured or knurled surface for easy gripping. Ondrives.US carries a wide variety of in-stock round head thumbscrews that are designed for use in a range of industrial applications. We also offer thumb screws in metric sizes and can manufacture custom fasteners upon request.

    Plastic Head Thumb Fasteners for Electronics and Light-Duty Applications

    They are designed to be easily installed and adjusted by hand and are commonly used in household and industrial applications. The unique design of plastic flat head thumb screws makes them ideal for applications where parts need to be adjusted regularly or will undergo regular maintenance. They are durable, lightweight and an inexpensive option that meets a wide range of fastening requirements. 

    Benefits of plastic flat head thumb screws are that they are lightweight, cost effective and can be used for a wide range of light duty applications in industries such as consumer electronics, computers, food, medical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and more. Since nylon is not as durable as stainless steel, it is not recommended that plastic head thumb screws are used for heavy-duty applications.

    Plastic round head thumbscrews have a flat, round nylon head and a knurled surface to improve grip during installation. They are available in a variety of thread styles from#4-40 up to ¼-20 with head diameters up to 1 inch and thread lengths up to 1-1/4 inches.Use our product filter to select the plastic head thumb screw that meets your requirements. 

    Important Considerations for Selecting a Plastic Head Thumb Screw

    Select from a stainless steel or alloy steel thread, depending on your application. Round head thumb screws with an alloy steel thread are durable, but do not provide corrosion resistance. If your round plastic thumb screw will be exposed to the elements or corrosive substances, you should select a thumb screw with a stainless steel thread.
    Measurement considerations for selecting a metal thumbscrew include:
    • Head diameter
    • Head height
    • Thread
    • Thread length
    • Screw material

    Find the Plastic Head Screws That Meet Your Requirements

    Our inventory includes plastic head metal thumb screws, stainless steel thumb screws and several other precision fasteners  to meet your fastening and assembly requirements. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your unique needs.