Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Low backlash Clutches up to 750

Low backlash clutches are torque limiting devices that prevent mechanical overload by automatically disengaging at a specific torque, then resume driving as the load reduces. Clutches also provide load cushioning and tension control, along with vibration dampening to minimize wear on drive components. Low backlash clutches from Ondrives.US are ideal for use as continuous drag brakes and protect against “soft starts” and accidental or intentional overloads.  Clutch capacity depends on the torque and RPM requirements of your application. We base clutch capacity on continuous operation at 50 RPM of rover 30 million cycles.


Our Low Backlash Clutches Meet High-Performance Requirements

Use low backlash clutches in positioning, holding, and indexing applications where you require torque control for continuous, overload, and intermittent overload slip.  Examples include increasing machine speeds, controlling torque in assembly operations, and holding robotics or other hinged components in position. Our single plate and double plate models come in shaft-to-shaft and pulley style designs to support various mounting configurations.

Select from adjustable and fixed-rate clutches in inch or metric sizes, with a range of torque capacities.

  • Adjustable torque models feature a cartridge with an adjustable nut. Housing options include an Oilite bearing for shaft-thru design or set screws for a shaft to shaft design.
  • Fixed torque models feature a factory set cartridge with a fixed collar.

Request a Quote for Low Backlash Clutches

Ondrives.US is a trusted and respected manufacturer of low backlash clutches and other precision drive components. We engineer our products to meet high-quality standards and deliver the reliability you need for your most demanding applications.
Our in-stock inventory includes clutches in a broad range of sizes and providing drag force up to 750 We also make custom low back clutches to print and can modify existing designs to meet your unique needs. Contact our application engineers to request a quote.