Right Angle Bevel Gearboxes

Ondrives.US offers various and unique bevel gearboxes that include metric and inch shafts, hollow bore units and gearboxes with one hollow bore and one solid shaft. A hollow bore can be fitted with gearbox shafts that are larger or smaller in diameter as they exit the gearbox.

Shaft to Shaft Shaft to BoreBore to Bore Bevel "T"Bevel 3 shaft

Shaft to Shaft

Shaft to Bore & Bore to Bore

3 Shaft Bevel “T”

High Ratio Bevel Miniature BGT20: L, R or T

High Ratio

Low Profile

Multiple Mouting Options

Our Bevel T boxes have one of the shafts pass through both sides in the form of the letter “T”. The thru shaft in this case is a single solid shaft so both ends are rotating simultaneously. Our Counter-rotating Bevel T gearbox is built with an additional gear and the T shaft is split in the middle creating a bevel gearbox where the two shafts on the same axis are rotating in opposite directions.

When the ratio of the right angle gearbox is 1-1, the box is called a miter gear box.  The ratios of bevel gearboxes rarely exceed 4:1 due to the size of the larger bevel gear. However, Ondrives.US high ratio miter gearboxes are rather unique. These bevel gearboxes are heavy duty boxes that incorporate additional gearing to accomplish higher ratios than can be found in other bevel gearboxes. Our standard ratios for these units are 6:1, 12:1, 18:1 and 24:1. Other ratios can be supplied.

Our engineers have developed a White Paper “10 Points to consider to get the gearbox you need" to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate gearbox for your application.

“Inertia and the use of inertia figures” gives you an example and a formula for dealing with Inertia in gearbox selection.

Contact Ondrives.US application engineers to discuss your application.

Input and output shafts with drive keys and retainer rings can be supplied to your specifications for any of our hollow bore gearboxes.  

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Ondrives.US Quality surpasses the competition!

  • Low backlash bevel or miter right angle gear reducers
  • Heavy duty bevel gearboxes
  • Bevel gearboxes with hardened gears
  • Spiral Bevel gearboxes
  • Shaft to shaft bevel gearboxes
  • Shaft to hollow bore bevel gearboxes
  • Bore to bore bevel gearboxes
  • Bevel T gearboxes
  • Counter Rotating gearboxes
  • High Ratio gearboxes

We have a broad selection of Misalignment Shaft Couplings in inch and metric bore sizes.

Inch and metric Precision Ground Shafts are available from stock.