Stainless Steel Bore Reducers

Stainless Steel Bore ReducersFor decades, Ondrives.US has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high performance bore reducer bushings. Our patent-pending stainless steel reducers are simple devices that slip into a rotating component’s bore hole to reduce the bore diameter to a smaller size. A range of inch and metric sizes are available to meet your unique requirements.

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Durable, Easy-to-Install Bore Reducers for All Applications

Ondrives.US stainless steel bore reducers provide 25% greater holding power than standard split-collar bore reducers. When fitted to set screw hubs, these devices prevent screws from scoring the shaft and allow for repeated repositioning and easy removal.

Shaft couplings that have identical bore diameters on both ends can quickly and inexpensively be converted to combination bore couplings using our stainless steel bore reducer bushings.

The Ondrives.US Advantage

  • Wide range of standard diameters to fit couplings, gears, pulleys, etc.
  • Bore diameters from 2mm to 25mm and 0.120” to 1”
  • Manufactured from hardened stainless steel
  • Patent-pending design
  • Converts set screw fasteners into split clamp devices
  • Designed for use with 2 set screws at 90°
  • Will not mark or damage shafts
  • 25% greater holding power than standard split collar bore reducers
  • Simple and cost-effective solution for adjusting bore size

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