Ball Bearing Toleranced Shafts

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Stainless steel precision ground shafts are round bars engineered to rotate within a machine to transmit power. Tight toleranced steel shafts provide a snug slip fit into ball bearings and perform well in applications requiring high accuracy. Common uses for precision ground shafts include ball bearings, pulleys, couplings, gears, and other rotating components.  
Ondrives.US is a leading provider of high precision gears and drive components. We offer precision ground shafts in 400 incremental lengths from 1” to 36” and in 6 diameters. Our ball bearing toleranced shafts are made from 303 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and feature a 45° chamfer at both ends. For specialty applications, we also offer custom or modified steel shafts.
View our Product Specifications PDF for an overview of all our ball bearing toleranced shaft options or select from the products below for additional details.

The Ondrives.US Advantage for Precision Ground Shafts

We engineer all our steel shafts for precise roundness, ultra-smooth finishes, and highly precise diameter tolerances. Additional features include:
  • Straightness within .0003”/Inch for 1/8”,3/16”,1/4” diameter
  • Straightness within .0004”/Inch for all other diameters
  • Customization options: grooves, journals, flats, drill holes, chamfers, special diameters, special lengths

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Ondrives.US offers stainless steel precision ground shafts in hundreds of standard sizes to meet your application needs. Special sizes and other materials are also available. Request a quote for ball bearing steel shafts or contact us to learn more.
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